There are hundreds of different ways to celebrate a wedding according to the place of the world in which you are. As many as types of religions, traditions and cultures are around the world.

You can find brides dressed in white, others in red, and even dresses that are completely dark or absolutely colorful. If you don’t  want to follow the classic traditions of your region and want to organize your wedding in a different way, have a look to this post and make your wedding a little bit more original.


Catholic wedding

It’s used to be celebrated in Spanish-speaking regions where people with a Catholic religion. The ceremony is celebrated in a church where the priest is in charge of giving faith before the image of Christ and the Virgin. The entrance to the church is a very ceremonial ritual.

The groom has to wait at the altar waiting for her to arrive at his side. In both cases, the guests will already be inside the church. The groom will be accompanied by the godmother, while the bride will make her entrance holding the arm of the godfather. During the celebration, the relatives and friends of the couple usually read personal messages, usually to wish them a long happiness together. Within the ceremony, there are more intimate and crucial moments such as vows, kisses and blessings. Thanks to the infrastructure built in ranches, palaces and other places, some wedding ceremonies don’t have to be celebrated in a conventional church. They are also made in small chapels, outdoors, and even in private houses prepared for weddings.

Gypsy wedding

The gypsy rituals are quite different from the Catholic, especially in terms of how to celebrate it. But before the wedding, the groom must have complied with the “gypsy request”. It’s the moment in which the groom asks for the hand of his girlfriend to her father.

Generally, a gypsy wedding usually lasts three days. The first day, the “Ajuntaora” will be in charge of the handkerchief test. In this test the virginity of the bride is verified with the women invited to the wedding as witnesses. The evangelist or catholic wedding will be celebrated on the second day. It is here when the couple dances on the shoulders of the guests to sing the “Yeli”, and to honor the purity of the bride. The third day is dedicated to celebrate the sardine festival, preparing a new banquet from the first hour. On this day the whole community participates.


Jewish wedding

The Jewish religion is one of the oldest in the world and the Jewish wedding traditions are some of the most interesting for their rituals and symbolism. In this religion, the man bases his acts on submission to the divine will. For them, marriage is a must and an ideal.

The Jewish wedding ceremony starts with the whole family going with the couple into the synagogue, placing themselves under the “chuppah”, which is a kind of store that symbolizes the home in which jewish couples lived in ancient times. The rabbi blesses the couple, announcing the conditions of the marriage in a kind of signed act that is recited by the groom, while the couple gives their rings to each other. To end the Jewish wedding they break a glass of glass as a symbol of joys and sorrows for the Jewish community.

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