The word ‘marina’ refers to a small dock with moorings and supplies
for small boats and yachts. The word marina has been derived from the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian word that refers to a coast or shoreline. This word could also be used to define inland wharves on rivers and canals. In India there is only one such place and it is located in Kochi of Kerala.

Location and Ownership

This particular marina is located on the eastern coast of the Bolgatty Island. This particular island lies within the premises of the Bolgatty Palace Heritage hotel and is under the ownership of “The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation”.

The Marina- a general overview

This particular marina is the only one of its kind in the entire country of India. It started its operations in the year 2010 on April 24th and meets all the international standards set. At present the marina has amenities to house around 34 yachts however efforts are being made to expand it so that 50 yachts may be berthed.

Kochi is known to have one of the best known natural ports in all of India and has the only berthing facility for yachts embarking from Dubai. The distance of 11 nautical of the port from the international maritime waters also makes this place and ideal place to launch from.

This place was a major trading hub via the seas in the olden days and till date it makes an ideal place to berth ones ship, yachts that are travelling to the South East corners of the world. Since the marina lies on the way to the Far East, the yachts crossing the Suez Canal usually berth here.

Yachts visiting

Today or rather since a decade Kochi has become a hub for luxury cruise lines. The port city has recorded over a 100 yachts visiting its marina yearly. These yachts that visit and berth in the port city are usually from the European countries that landed here in the erstwhile days. Some of the countries from where yachts come are United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, Finland and New Zealand.

Facilities Provided

Facilities such as repair of yachts, fuelling stations and food stocks are provided. Since yachting is a luxury sport and most of the owners are well to do the marina is complimented with facilities such as golfing, swimming pools, beer parlours, health clubs, spas etc are also being made

Major Attraction

The moored yachts themselves are an attraction to the tourists. The beautiful and luxury yachts are objects that make one desire to go on aboard for a look inside. However the main tourist attractions here are the floating docks.

These floating docks are built on concrete beams and a lot of people come to see it. Furthermore a boardwalk stretching out into the backwaters has been constructed so that it is easier for the tourists to see the yachts.


The Marina house is a grand place. This particular resort also serves as a fuelling station for the yachts and restocking of food items for the next journey. This resort has 24 deluxe rooms that include four suites and is one of the most famed places to stay in.

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